Saturday, February 18, 2006

You know what the world needs? The game "Escape from Neverland Ranch". It would probably rival the long standing leaders in the horror game genre like Resident Evil. Which would you honestly find more realistically horrific? A virus turning an entire city into an undead haven, or Michael Jackson chasing your 7 year old character across the endless expanses of Michael's haven.

... maybe more later

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Thats my car... Sort of. Thats what my car looks like except its tan. The OTHER problem is that i don't have any money to work on it with... If you make a donation towards soupin' it up I will put a logo/ad on it for an extended period of time once I am able to drive it around. I think that sounds pretty good. Chances are no one else does but I can always hope. The more money, the bigger the ad and longer I'll keep it on. Email me at if you have any offers and we'll see what we can work out